Indiana Black Expo, Inc. (UPDATED—02/13)

Below are just a few of the many video productions I have worked on since joining the IBE YVI staff back in May 2011. Enjoy viewing all these wonderful events and programs that the Indiana Black Expo offers to the community.

IBE’s Youth Video Institute: Indy’s Premiere Digital Learning Program

Youth Video Institute Circle City Classic WISH-TV Segment


IBE License Plate BMV Commercial


CIRCLE CITY CLASSIC 2012 – Outdoor Activities Recap

CIRCLE CITY CLASSIC 2012 – Game Event Recap

CIRCLE CITY CLASSIC 2012 – Youth Activities Commercial Spot

CIRCLE CITY CLASSIC 2012 – Miguel Commercial Spot

Parent Empowerment Conference 2012 – Commercial Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2012 – Event Highlights

SUMMER CELEBRATION 2012 – Entertainment Concert Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2012 – The King Center Imaging Project Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2012 – Cultural Connection: Art in Action Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2012 – Exhibit Hall Discount Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2012 – VIP Ticket Discount Spot


WHAT’S GOING ON? IBE Youth Video Institute


Gladys Knight Special Announcement


CIRCLE CITY CLASSIC 2011:  Highlights


IBE REMEMBERS:  9/11 and The Indiana State Fair Tragedy  


CIRCLE CITY CLASSIC 2011:  Commercial Spot




SUMMER CELEBRATION 2011:  Highlights


LIVING LEGEND AWARD 2011: Cicely Tyson  (opening sfx & graphic only)


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2011: Children’s Day Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2011:  Entertainment Spot


SUMMER CELEBRATION 2011: Event Overview Spot


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