Indiana Supreme Court- JTAC (UPDATED)

From helping educationally disadvantaged students achieve their goal in the legal profession, to deploying a state-wide 21st century computerized case management system, find out what the Indiana Supreme Court is doing for you and the rest of Indiana’s residents. These professionally produced promotional videos will shed light on many of Indiana’s varying program initiatives and help shed light on how they impact you.

ASSESSING OFFENDER RISK:  Indiana’s Risk Assessment System

KEEPING ROADWAYS SAFE:  Electronic Citation & Warning System

PROTECTION ORDER REGISTRY:  Protecting Indiana’s Residents

ODYSSEY:  Supervision

ODYSSEY:  Financials

ODYSSEY:  Connecting Indiana’s Courts

ODYSSEY UNVEILED: Hamilton County’s Deployment Experience


FROM THE INSIDE OUT:  How Indiana’s Courts Work

Part 1-

Part 2-

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