Refresh Weekend 2011 – Indy-east Asset Development

In the cold month of January 2011, I had the privilege of participating the in 2nd Annual Refresh Weekend, a worthwhile event organized and created by Indianapolis web guru Justin Harter of  SuperPixel. The purpose of the event is to provide a web presence  for several non-for-profit organizations who are not capable of obtaining a website for themselves. By gather together a group of local professionals students specializing in web and multimedia technologies, these volunteers have 48hrs. to create a website and video for each organization. I was fortunate enough to be grouped with the organization Indy-east Asset Development, which fosters collaborative efforts to achieve comprehensive community development on the Near East side. In two days with limited equipment, I planned, shot, and produced a 2-minute promotional video highlighting the organization and all the wonderful community activities it is involved with. After gallons of coffee and Red Bull, this was the product I had the pleasure of presenting to the founder of the Indy-East after the 48hrs. was up.

About Indy-East Asset Development from Indy East on Vimeo.

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