Ric Massman Video Resume

This was a “mock” video resume I helped announcer Ric Massman put together for a banquet dinner being held for the players and families of the 2010 Carmel Pups (a 5th grade football team).

Ric was the announcer for the Carmel games during the season, as well as the MC for the evening, and wanted to present a “video resume” that made it look as if he had applied for the announcer position (which he did not in actuality). There are several inside jobs presented in this video that were big hits the night it was presented to the families.

Filmed all in front of a green screen, the project took three days to produce.

Processes Used:
– Green Screen Keying
– Conversion of VHS tapes to digital
– Motion Tracking

Programs Used:
– Final Cut Pro
– After Effects CS4
– Photoshop CS4
– DVD Studio Pro
– Handbrake

Ric Massman- Video Resume from Sean Donelson on Vimeo.

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