Zoobilation: Celebrating Cheetahs

This year I had the esteemed pleasure of documenting the Indianapolis Zoo’s annual gala fundraising event, Zoobilation, this year focusing on the conservation efforts on the endangered cheetah. This was a blast to film and I certainly feel it is a worthwhile event for anyone to attend.

“The Indianapolis Zoo and Indianapolis Power & Light Company proudly present Zoobilation: Celebrating Cheetahs. This year’s event celebrated the opening the Zoo’s newest and most exciting exhibit; Cheetahs: The Race for Survival, in partnership through a conservation education gift from The Tony Stewart Foundation, and through the generosity of Polly Hix and Tony Fair.”

“Zoobilation guests helped the Indianapolis Zoo raise more than a million dollars this year to support the care and feeding of the Indianapolis Zoo’s living collection of 2,500 animals and 6,000 plants, as well as aiding in the Zoo’s conservation stewardship efforts for animals in the wild.”


Zoobilation: Celebrating Cheetahs from Sean Donelson on Vimeo.

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